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AMG: Editorial Policy

On-Line Journal of the
Swedish Morphological Society

Acta Morphologica Generalis (AMG) is a research journal committed to advancing knowledge and practice of General Morphological Analysis (GMA). It addresses topics and issues of significance for both scholars and practitioners concerning:

  • Theory and methodology
  • History of development
  • GMA practice and workshop facilitation
  • Communicating GMA
  • GMA used in combination with other methods
  • Books and Article Reviews

General Guidelines for Contributors

Articles must relevant to the advancement of knowledge and practice concerning GMA and all material must be accurate and technically correct. All articles will appear in English. AMG reserves the right to format articles according to its standard practice.

For submission please contact:
Tom Ritchey

Submit manuscripts in the designated WORD format, with figures and diagrams in place in the manuscript.

Article Length:
Articles generally should not exceed 10,000 words, including charts, tables, references, and endnotes.

Title Page:
On the title page, indicate the following: title of paper; full name(s) of author(s), author titles and institutional affiliations, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses; brief acknowledgement of the contribution of colleagues or students, if warranted; statement of place and date of previous oral presentation, if any; and date of submission. Please indicate the corresponding author.

In 150 words or less, summarize the purpose, approach, and conclusions of the paper in an abstract.

Page heads:
Repeat a shortened version of the title of the manuscript (a running head) on the top of each page of the text.

References: (We employ Harvard Style citations and references)
Citations: Harvard style citations consist of author or editor family names and the date of publication of an item.

References to Books
Author(s) - family name, initials. (Year). Title of book. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher.
Anthony, G. (2002). UK public law and European law. Oxford: Hart.
Cohen, H., Rogers, G.F.C. and Saravanamuttoo, H.I.H. (1996). Gas turbine theory. 4th ed. Harlow: Longman.

References to Journal Articles
Author(s) - family name, initials. (Year). Title of article. Journal title, volume(issue number), Page number(s).
Metcalfe, A., Diaz, V. and Wagoner, R. (2003). Academe, technology, society, and the market: four frames of reference for copyright and fair use. Portal: Libraries and the Academy, 3(2), pp. 191-206.

For more detailed information, see the Harvard Type bibliographic formatting at:

Warrant Statement:

Any submission must include a typed, dated, and signed warrant statement assigning first publication rights to AMG effective if and when it is accepted for publication by the editors. Manuscripts cannot be processed for publication until the editor of AMG has received this signed statement, worded as follows:

I hereby confirm the assignment of first publication rights only in and to the manuscript named above in all forms and media to AMG effective if and when it is accepted for publication by AMG. I warrant that my manuscript is original work and has not been accepted for publication by another periodical. I further warrant that my work (including tables, figures, photographs, and other illustrative material) does not infringe on the copyright or statutory rights of others, does not contain libelous statements, and that the editorial board and staff of AMG are indemnified against costs, expenses, and damages arising from any breach of the foregoing in regard to the manuscript. Finally, I acknowledge that AMG is relying on this statement in any publishing of this manuscript's information.

Dated and signed by author

Download Warrant Statement here: [forthcoming]

Letter of Transmittal: Attach a letter addressed to the editor indicating the title of the manuscript, date of submission, and all authors with their institutional affiliations.

Submission Process: When manuscript is ready for submission, send it to:

The Swedish Morphological Society is not obliged to accept any manuscript, news letter, review or any other material for publication. Since this online journal is -- until further notice -- fully voluntary, non-commercial and open-access, we reserve the right to choose requested manuscripts and other material at our discretion or to terminate this service at any time, without prior notice. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions voiced by contributors to the journal. This notice is posted for legal purposes.

Editor and responsible publisher:
Thomas Ritchey
Swedish Morphological Society
Tideliusgatan 42
118 69 Stockholm


AMG - Editorial Policy
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